Masonic For Masons

First, find the Masonic ring or item that you would like.
Do this by going to the MasonicForMasons Home Page and
clicking on the photo for the category of Masonic jewelry or regalia you would like.
Browse through the items available
and don't forget to check on the bottom of the page.
A Page 2 in red will be there if more items are available.
If you see something that interests you,
e-mail us with the Order # and size you need.
Or you can call me at (215) 572-1444
between noon and 6 PM, Monday and Wednesday through Saturday.
I will confirm the item's availability.
I will then e-mail you a total including the cost for S&H and insurance.
S&H charges are usually $5 for orders under $500.
Payment can be made by PayPal, check or credit card.
I offer a 45 day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied.
Let us meet upon the Level, and we shall part upon the Square.

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